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This website is still under construction.
For a digital portfolio (pdf) please email to info@antjepeters.com.

THE FREE CATALOGUE / ARCHIVE SERIES (on-going, working title) :

‘The Free Catalogue - Archive Series' is a self-created archive of the personal series I photographed since 2006. On the first glance, reading the titles, a stock photography catalogue might come to mind. The reference is intended, but the growing catalogue is my reflection on existing image stereotypes. In my work, I try to funnel my experience and perception of mainly advertising, fashion and product imagery with which I find myself surrounded, and the images I have absorbed in the past - on the internet, in magazines and books, or in public space.

(XVII. Fashion), 2020
(XVI. Catalogue), 2019/2020
(XV. Shopnow.fr, Basket), 2020
(XV. Shopnow.fr, Cookies), 2019
(XV. Shopnow.fr, Goodie Bags), 2017
(XV. Shopnow.fr), 2015/16
(XIV. Assortment), 2014
(XIII. Display, Decoration), 2014
(XIII. Display, Sale), 2014
(XIII. Display), 2014
(XII. Desserts), 2012
(XI. Illusion), 2011-2013
(XI. Illusion), 2016
(X. No. 188), 2011
(IX. Hobby), 2010
(VIII. Merry Christmas), 2010
(VII. Poster), 2010
(VII. Collection), 2009
(VII. Arts & Crafts), 2009
(VI. The Breakfast), 2008
(V. Neon), 2008
(IV. Ads), 2008
(III. The Garden), 2007

https://www.antjepeters.com/files/gimgs/th-17_The Free Catalogue-1.jpg