Illusion (second edition, re-edited), 2016

Image book: Colour offset printing
Text book: Risograph RZ970E
Edition of 300, 40 different covers, all in plastic envelop with title
(handwritten by the artist)
21,5 x 30 cm
Design by Antje Peters, Indrek Sirkel, Anu Vahtra
Text by Knock! Knock! Books
ISBN 978-9949-9781-8-2
Published by Lugemik, Estonia

Published on the occasion of Swap Party / Book Days at C/O Berlin,
September 2016.
Interpretation of the publication Illusion published by Lodret Vandret, 2014.
Text Book printed at Helmut Newton Foundation, 30 Sept - 2 Oct 2016


Illusion, 2014

Colour offset printing
Edition of 150
23,5 x 30 cm, 48 pages, 48 plates
Design by Lodret Vandret
Text by Lorelinde Verhees
ISBN 978-87-92988-11-9
Published by Vandret Publications, DK

Illusion is a book by artist Antje Peters, in which she works with the themes of illusion and error of perception. It is set in a studio situation. The studio itself is supposed to be the place where ‘the magic happens’ and where illusions are created, in terms of product and advertisement photography.

Through the interplay of the photographic studio and its props, including the photographic equipment itself, and advertisable ‘products’, Peters’ creates some kind of present-day Surrealism. Like good old Surrealism, it is at once seductive and a visual pun on the issue of (photographic) representation.

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Desserts, 2013

Size: 21x30cm
Pages: 36
4 colors offset print
Edition: 200
Publisher: Automatic Books, IT

Desserts straightforwardly presents 15 photographs of pre-manufactured desserts to be found in supermarkets plus an image of an apple (an allusion to one of the symbols for consumer culture). Imagery from 1970s-90s cookbooks inspired Antje Peters’ post-cookbook approach, with a sharp eye for detail and composition. The usually functional and illustrative features of photographs in cookbooks give way to a detached product photography style, with a particular focus on shiny surfaces and vivid colors – like advertisement photography but devoid of slogans and logos. Don’t expect recipes here nor any kind of instruction on how to prepare or devour the delicacies. Desserts or elements thereof are shown as ‘objects’ to be admired, like this book itself, which is anything but a cookbook.


Ads, 2010

Size: 23x28.5cm
Pages: 215
Full color
Edition: 5

Ads was published on the occasion of the exhibition Behind the Billboard
at MK Gallery, Berlin, nov. 2010.

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